Photographs are captured moments in time that help us remember, enjoy and cherish the world around us.

Bill is essentially self taught although many have contributed inspiration, advice, and direction to his work. He has studied Ansel Adams’ work on the effect of lighting and nature in photography. During the early 70’s and 80’s Bill was a member of the Baltimore Photography Club and grateful for the work and help of people like Eddy Bafford. Most recently Bill has been inspired and encouraged by David Kiley and Rodney Lough to continue to move into digital and color techniques

Bill’s wife Cheryl is another strong source of inspiration and encouragement. Cheryl’s photography features portraits and moments of celebration and ceremony. Her work is treasured by grateful family and friends for capturing the moments of their lives. Her focus adds intimacy and richness to Bill’s work.

Bill has photographed with multiple formats from large format (4”x5”) to medium format (6cmx7cm) and 35mm in film and digital.

Bill and Cheryl capture moments of beauty and joy. They share these moments through their photography.

Technical notes:

All images are Giclee prints (pronounced zhee klay).  All prints are produced with archival inks and paper by the artist
All images on this website have been reduced in resolution to protect against copying.  This means the images viewed are less sharp than the actual prints,  The artist wants to assure viewers that the photographs are of a high resolution and actual photographs are of high quality, sharpness and color.