Our Newest Images

Last August Cheryl and I went on a photo shoot to Olympic National Park in the state of Washington. It contains the largest rainforest in the continental United States. The park is mammoth in size. We spent a week there. We probably hiked over 30 miles in hilly conditions. We found it is very difficult to photograph in a rain forest as it is so dense. We were able to capture a few images that we are excited about. One Image, Marymere Falls required a new size for us, which is 35 x 60 to do justice to the amazing setting it was in.  We also visited a good friend who had moved to Bend, Oregon. She took us to many wonderful and beautiful places. Which we tried to capture as best we could. We cannot thank her enough.

We cannot do any shows until July due to a surgery that Cheryl should have had a while ago. She is healing well but it takes a long time to recover. With the extra time I was able to review every photograph im my computer. I deleted thousands but found a few that I had overlooked, for example the image from Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park in Montana

We hope you will enjoy our new work. We wish we had more wall space, but like many of you we can rotate some of the new work into our home.