Our Newest Images

In February I went on a photo shoot to Death Valley. The geology there is amazing.  Here you will see several pictures of the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells. There are also 2 images from Zabrinski Point where one can see how all the mineral deposits have oxidized over the centuries. We have also added  Free to Roam which is an image from last winter. Finally, Cheryl & I reviewed our work from the Alsace region of France which is a lovely area. Morning walk is an image that some how we previously overlooked.  Someday we need to go back

  Whenever we are in Asheville visiting our family I am always looking for images of the mountains of Western North Carolina. I find the mountain views calming and amazing in light of the earths formation. For the last 3 years I have visited my favorite spots but was unable to capture what was in my minds eye.  This year after a storm I was able to get several beautiful images. I hope you agree